Test to Read Formulas from Excel File with jxl.jar


How to run the test to read formulas from an existing Excel file with jxl.jar?

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The following steps shows you how to run the test to read formulas from an existing Excel file with jxl.jar:

1. Open command line window to verify jxl.jar installation. "jxl.jar" file and "jxlrwtest" file are needed:

C:\cd \fyicenter\jexcelapi

10/24/2009  10:11 AM           725,735 jxl.jar
09/07/2009  03:26 PM            93,696 jxlrwtest.xls

2. Use the "java -jar" command to run the test program:

   -jar jxl.jar -formulas jxlrwtest.xls | more

Formula in B26 value:  16.5 formula: SUM(B21:B25)
Formula in B27 value:  -0.573 formula: SIN((B24+B23-1.0)*9.0)
Formula in B80 value:  1.571 formula: modified!B10/2.0
Formula in F85 value:  0.333 formula: E85/3.0
Formula in G85 value:  1.333 formula: E85+F85
Formula in F86 value:  0.667 formula: E86/3.0
Formula in G86 value:  2.667 formula: E86+F86
Formula in F87 value:  1 formula: E87/3.0
Formula in G87 value:  4 formula: E87+F87
Formula in F88 value:  1.333 formula: E88/3.0
Formula in G88 value:  5.333 formula: E88+F88
Formula in F89 value:  1.667 formula: E89/3.0
Formula in G89 value:  6.667 formula: E89+F89
Formula in F90 value:  1.667 formula: E90/3.0
Formula in G90 value:  6.667 formula: E90+F90
Formula in F91 value:  1.667 formula: E91/3.0
Formula in G91 value:  6.667 formula: E91+F91
Formula in F92 value:  1.667 formula: E92/3.0
Formula in G92 value:  6.667 formula: E92+F92
Formula in F93 value:  1.667 formula: E93/3.0
Formula in G93 value:  6.667 formula: E93+F93
Formula in F94 value:  1.667 formula: E94/3.0
Formula in G94 value:  6.667 formula: E94+F94
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