Test to Create Excel File with jxl.jar


How to run the test to create a new Excel file with jxl.jar?

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If you want to run the test program that comes with jxl.jar to create a new Excel file, you can follow these steps:

1. Open command line window to verify jxl.jar installation. "jxl.jar" file and "resources" folder are needed:

C:\cd \fyicenter\jexcelapi

10/24/2009  10:11 AM           725,735 jxl.jar
10/24/2009  09:07 AM    <DIR>          resources

2. Use the "java -jar" command to run the test program:

   -jar jxl.jar -write test.xls

3. Open the output file "test.xls" in Microsoft Excel. You see the Excel file open with multiple tabs: Number Formats, Date Formats, Label Formats, Borders, Labels, Formulas, Images.

4. Click on "Images" tab. You see a nice image embedded in the spreadsheet:
jxl.jar Text - Create Excel File with Image


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