List of Demo Programs in jxl.jar 2.6.12


What are demo programs included in jxl.jar 2.6.12?



JExcelApi, jxl.jar 2.6.12 comes with a raft of demonstration and test programs contained in the package jxl.demo. These may be accessed from the command line as follows:

"java -jar jxl.jar -csv spreadsheet.xls" Reads spreadsheet.xls and writes out the corresponding csv data to the standard output. The -csv option is the default and may omitted

"java -jar jxl.jar -xml spreadsheet.xls" Reads spreadsheet.xls and writes out the corresponding cell data to the standard output as XML.

"java -jar jxl.jar -xml -format spreadsheet.xls" As above, but includes formatting information (font, number formats etc) in the generated XML

"java -jar jxl.jar -formulas spreadsheet.xls" Reads spreadsheet.xls and displays all the formulas contained in that sheet.

"java -jar jxl.jar -write test.xls" Generates a sample test spreadsheet called test.xls

"java -jar jxl.jar -rw in.xls out.xls" Reads in.xls, copies it and generates a file called out.xls. If the spreadsheet passed in is a special sample spreadsheet called jxlrwtest.xls, then this demo will modify specific cells in the copy, out.xls.

You can view source code of these demo programs in the \fyicenter\j

C:\>dir \fyicenter\jexcelapi\src\jxl\demo
05/26/2009  10:49 AM            11,168
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             3,418
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             9,414
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             2,512
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             2,365
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             3,174
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             4,147
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             4,169
10/15/2009  09:00 AM            13,862
10/08/2009  05:32 AM            55,445
05/26/2009  10:49 AM             2,238
05/26/2009  10:49 AM            10,245
              12 File(s)        122,157 bytes


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