ANTLR "Arithmeic" Grammar Java Test


How to write a Java program to test the lexer and parser generated from ANTLR?

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If you have the lexer and parser generated from the arithmetic.g4 grammar file by ANTLR as shown in the previous tutorial, you use the following Java program to test it:

// Copyright (c)
import org.antlr.v4.runtime.*;
import org.antlr.v4.runtime.tree.*;

public class ArithmeticTest {
   public static void main(String [] args) throws Exception {
      String source = args[0];
      CharStream stream = CharStreams.fromString(source);
      arithmeticLexer lexer = new arithmeticLexer(stream);
      CommonTokenStream tokens = new CommonTokenStream(lexer);
      arithmeticParser parser = new arithmeticParser(tokens);
      ParseTree tree = parser.equation();
      // ParseTree tree = parser.expression(); 

Note that the above program tests the "equation" grammar rule. You un-comment the expression() line to test the "expression grammar rule.

Make sure the are compiled in the current directory as shown in the previous tutorial. Then compile and run

\fyicenter>javac -cp .;antlr-4.10.1-complete.jar

\fyicenter>java -cp .;antlr-4.10.1-complete.jar ArithmeticTest "x=a"

(equation (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable x)))))) (relop =
) (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable a)))))))

\fyicenter>java -cp .;antlr-4.10.1-complete.jar ArithmeticTest  \
   "x  = (-b + (b^2 -4*a*c)^0.50) / 4*a*c"

(equation (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable x)))))) (relop =
) (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom ( (expression (term (factor (
signedAtom - (signedAtom (atom (variable b)))))) + (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (
(expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable b))) ^ (signedAtom (atom (
scientific 2))))) - (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (scientific 4)))) * (factor
(signedAtom (atom (variable a)))) * (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable c))))))
))) ^ (signedAtom (atom (scientific 0.50)))))) )))) / (factor (signedAtom (atom
(scientific 4)))) * (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable a)))) * (factor (
signedAtom (atom (variable c)))))))

If the source code has any syntax error, ANTLR will print out errors:

\fyicenter>java -cp .;antlr-4.10.1-complete.jar ArithmeticTest "x  = (a+b"

line 1:9 missing ')' at '<EOF>'
(equation (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable x)))))) (relop =
) (expression (term (factor (signedAtom (atom ( (expression (term (factor (
signedAtom (atom (variable a))))) + (term (factor (signedAtom (atom (variable b))))))
 <missing ')'>))))))

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