What Is iText Java Library


What is iText Java Library?

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iText Java is a Java Library to generate and manage PDF documents, developed by iText Group.

iText Java allows you to:

  • Generate and manipulate PDF documents, compliant with: PDF specifications including PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2)
  • Create and manipulate tagged PDF
  • Create maps and books, using numerous interactive features available for PDF
  • Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks and other features to existing PDF documents
  • Digitally sign and encrypt PDFs
  • Document assembly: extract, concatenate and insert pages
  • Fill out interactive forms and flatten them
  • Serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF documents to a web browser
  • Use iText 7 add-ons to extend usability and features of the iText platform.

Releases of iText Java library, iText.jar:

JAR Name            Version   Date
--------            -------   ----
iText.jar           7.1.4     2018-10-09
iText.jar           5.5.14    2021-02-21
iText.jar           5.0.1     2010-02-03
iText.jar           5.0.0     2009-12-08
iText.jar           2.1.6     2009-06-16
iText.jar           1.5.4     2008-02-08
iText.jar           1.4.8     2006-12-19

For more information, see iText Website.


Download and Install iText7-Core-7.1.4.zip

Download and Install iText Java Library

Download and Install iText Java Library

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