How to download and install

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If you want to try Apache xml-commons Resolver Code Package, you can follow this tutorial to download and install xml-commons-resolver-1.2:

You can download the binary package file for xml-commons Resolver by clicking the download button below:

File name:
File size: 12180140 bytes
Release date: 2006-11-20

You can also follow these steps to download and install

1. Go to xml-commons archive site.

2. Click to open the "binaries/" folder.

3. Click "" file to start download.

4. Save the downloaded file to \fyicenter\

5. Unzip the downloaded file to \fyicenter folder.

6. Verify the resolver.jar file:

>dir \xml-commons-resolver-1.2
11/20/2006  03:23 PM            84,091 resolver.jar

Download and installation is done.


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