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Download and Install commons-collections4-4.1-bin.zip
How to download and install commons-collections4-4.1.zip? Apache Commons Collections provides additional collection handling functionalities on top of JDK library. You can follow these steps to download and install commons-collections4-4.1-bin.z ipto use Commons Collections: 1. Go to the Apache Comm...
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Using commons-collections.jar in Java Programs
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Using commons-collections4.jar or commons-collections.jar in Java Programs. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team on Using commons-collections4.jar or commons-collections.jar in Java Progra...
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What Is commons-collections4-4.1-bin.zip?
What Is commons-collections4-4.1-bin.z ip?commons-collections4-4.1-bin.z ipis the binary package of Apache Commons Collections 4.1 in ZIP format. Apache Commons Collections provides additional collection handling functionalities on top of JDK library. Download File Size and Download Location: File n...
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Class Packages in commons-collections4-4.1.jar
What class packages are in the Apache Commons Collections 4.1 API? Here is a list of class packages of the Apache Commons Collections 4.1 API: org.apache.commons.collections 4- This package contains the interfaces and utilities shared across all the subpackages of this component. org.apache.commons....
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jboss-marshalling-1.4.1.Final.jar - JBoss Marshalling API
JBoss Marshalling is an alternative serialization API that fixes many of the problems found in the JDK serialization API while remaining fully compatible with java.io.Serializable and its relatives, and adds several new tunable parameters and additional features, all of which are pluggable via facto...
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juniversalchardet-1.0.3.jar - Juniversalchardet
Juniversalchardet is a Java port of 'universalchardet', that is the encoding detector library of Mozilla. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: juniversalchardet-1.0.3.jar File size: 206373 bytes Date modified: 23-Jul-20108 Download: Juniversalchardet List of Classes in the JAR: org/mozill...
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guava-15.0.jar - Google Core Libraries
Guava is a suite of core and expanded libraries that include utility classes, google's collections, io classes, and much much more. Guava has two code dependencies - javax.annotation per the JSR-305 spec and javax.inject per the JSR-330 spec. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: guava.jar...
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What Is commons-codec-1.10.jar?
What Is commons-codec-1.10.jar? commons-codec-1.10.jar is the JAR file for Apache Commons Codec 1.10, which provides implementations of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, Phonetic and URLs. commons-codec-examples-1.10.ja ris distributed as part of the commons-codec-1.10-bin.zip downlo...
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ehcache-2.7.5.jar - Ehcache - Part 2
Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache used to boost performance, offload the database and simplify scalability. Ehcache is robust, proven and full-featured and this has made it the most widely-used Java-based cache. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: ehcache.jar, ehcache-2.7....
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snappy-java- - Snappy-Java
The snappy-java is a Java port of the snappy, a fast compresser/decompresser written in C++, originally developed by Google. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: snappy-java.jar, snappy-java- File size: 430239 bytes Date modified: 07-Nov-2013 Download: Snappy-Java Manifest of t...
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metadata-extractor-2.6.4.jar - Metadata-Extractor
metadata-extractor is a straightforward Java library for reading metadata from image files. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: metadata-extractor-2.6.4.jar File size: 174637 bytes Date modified: 23-Dec-2012 Download: Metadata-Extractor Manifest of the JAR: Main-Class: com.drew.imaging.I...
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💬 2016-04-22 navin: is metadata extracter dependent on sdk version?

opencsv-2.3.jar - OpenCSV
A Simple CSV Parser for Java under a commercial-friendly Apache 2.0 license JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: opencsv.jar, opencsv-2.3.jar File size: 14146 bytes Date modified: 15-Apr-2011 Download: OpenCSV Manifest of the JAR: Build-Timestamp: 2011-04-14 21:00:31 Implementation-Title:...
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smack-3.1.0.jar - Smack XMPP Client
Smack is an Open Source XMPP (Jabber) client library for instant messaging and presence. A pure Java library, it can be embedded into your applications to create anything from a full XMPP client to simple XMPP integrations such as sending notification messages and presence-enabling devices. JAR File...
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💬 2015-10-17 inetryconydot: Pluto's weather is more active than we thought With each batch of images that rolls in from New Horizons, scientists learn more ...

What Is commons-collections4-4.0.jar?
What Is commons-collections4-4.0.jar? commons-collections4-4.0.jar is the JAR file for Apache Commons Collections 4.0, which provides additional collection handling functionalities on top of JDK library. JAR File Size and Download Location: JAR name: commons-collections4 JAR version: 4.0 Target JDK ...
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guice-3.0.jar guice-3.0.jar Google Guice
Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above, brought to you by Google. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: guice.jar, guice-3.0.jar File size: 710683 bytes Date modified: 24-Mar-2011 Download: Google Guice Manifest of the JAR: Bundle-Na...
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wsi-test-tools.jar - WS-I Testing Tools
WS-I Testing Tools is the WS-I testing tools implementation for the Basic Profile V1.0, Basic Profile V1.1 and Simple Soap Binding Profile V1.0. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: wsi-test-tools.jar, wsi-test-tools-1.1.jar File size: 562214 bytes Date modified: 15-Jul-2005 Download: WS-...
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Jackson is a fast, streaming, zero-dependency and open source JSON processor. It provides JSON parser/JSON generator as foundational building block; and adds a powerful Databinder (JSONPOJO) and Tree Model as optional add-on blocks. jackson-mapper-asl.jar is a high-performance data binding package b...
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commons-exec-1.1.jar - Apache Exec
Executing external processes from Java is a well-known problem area. It is inheriently platform dependent and requires the developer to know and test for platform specific behaviors, for example using cmd.exe on Windows or limited buffer sizes causing deadlocks. The JRE support for this is very limi...
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netty-all-4.0.12.Final.jar - Netty
Netty is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients. Netty is a NIO client server framework which enables quick and easy development of network applications such as protocol servers and clients. It ...
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What Is poi-scratchpad-3.5.jar?
What Is poi-scratchpad-3.5.jar? poi-scratchpad-3.5.jar is one of the JAR files for Apache POI 3.5, which provides an API for Microsoft document files of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: poi-scratchpad.jar, poi-scratchpad-3.5-FINAL-20090 928.jarFile ...
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icu4j-51_2.jar -ICU4J (ICU for Java)
ICU4J ( International Components for Unicode for Java) is a mature, widely used set of Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support for software applications. ICU is widely portable and gives applications the same results on all platforms. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name...
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backport-util-concurrent-3.1.jar - Backport of java.util.concurrent
This package is the backport of java.util.concurrent API, introduced in Java 5.0 and further refined in Java 6.0, to older Java platforms. The backport is based on public-domain sources from the JSR 166 CVS repository, the dl.util.concurrent package, and the Doug Lea's collections package. JAR File ...
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lz4-1.2.0.jar - LZ4 Compression
LZ4 compression for Java, based on Yann Collet's work available at http://code.google.com/p/lz4/. JAR File Size and Download Location: File name: lz4.jar, lz4-1.2.0.jar File size: 165505 bytes Date modified: 08-Aug-2013 Download: List of Classes in the JAR: net/jpountz/lz4/LZ4BlockInputS treamnet/jp...
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JAR (Java ARchive) File Information Center
If you are a Java developer, it is very often that you need to use some 3rd party libraries to perform some common or specific tasks in your application. Those 3rd party libraries are always delivered in JAR (Java ARchive) files. jar.fyicenter.com provides you a catalog of JAR files to help you to i...
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